About the company

Vinderen Logistic is part of the Vinderen Group, which has been active in the construction industry for over 15 years as a Polish manufacturer and distributor of Ceramstic ceramic tiles, safe and ecological Rubtiler rubber surfaces as well as Morgan & Möller architectural concrete. Thanks to its specialized entities, the Vinderen Group provides the comfort of cooperation for even the most demanding business partners with a huge commitment of the whole team, even in the most complicated undertaking. Having its own production facilities, machines and warehouses allow the company to remain independent and increase its competitive advantage.

Vinderen Logistic is a modern logistics company specializing in the TSL industry for 10 years. Thanks to years of experience and excellent knowledge of the industry we can offer transport, storage and customs at the highest level.

We have our own warehouses (including the central warehouse) in Gdynia Kosakowo, with a total area of 12,000 m2 on 30,000 m2 of total space. The excellent location in Gdynia Kosakowo, close to the Gdynia cargo ports (BCT, GCT), means that we are able to unload large quantities of containers in the shortest possible time, which significantly minimizes costs and guarantees our competitiveness.

We specialize in the logistics of heavy goods that are fragile, such as ceramic tiles. We have Europe’s largest warehouse of ceramic tiles from Chinese factories.

Vinderen Logistic provides comprehensive services in the area of:

  • packaging,
  • labelling,
  • palletizing.

Vinderen Logistic has the necessary infrastructure and equipment for operating a warehouse:

  • the company has 10 loading ramps and forklifts up to 5T,
  • the warehouse is equipped with a program to fully record warehouse movements of goods.

The warehouse is composed of:

  • a temporary storage warehouse,
  • a customs warehouse,
  • a general cargo warehouse,
  • a full-pallet warehouse.

Vinderen Logistic offers transport:

  • full truckloads throughout the country,
  • domestic and international general goods in the form of reloading (consolidation),
  • oversized and over tonnage loads, containers,
  • hazardous materials (ADR).

Vinderen Logistic has at its disposal a full range of vehicles with a capacity of 1 to 25 tonnes in various types of body shells:

  • tarpaulins 13.6 m 14 tonnes uncovered with sides,
  • platforms,
  • vehicles up to 12 tonnes equipped with loading lifts,
  • refrigerators/isotherms.

In addition, the company offers comprehensive warehousing services at customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses.

The customs agency department of Vinderen Logistics is made up of customs agents with years of experience in customs and logistics, with extensive knowledge of EU regulations governing international trade in goods.

The long-term cooperation with the Customs Office, the reliability of prepared customs declarations and assistance in dealing with complex customs issues provide comfort and satisfaction to the companies that have trusted Vinderen Logistic.

Individual solutions

Vinderen Logistic offers its clients solutions tailored to their individual expectations and needs – in terms of comprehensive service related to the customs clearance process, in all procedures provided by the Customs Code.

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