Customs services

Our customs agents are specialists with years of experience in customs and logistics. With extensive knowledge of the EU regulations governing international trade in goods, they are always available to all interested business entities.

Long-term cooperation with Customs Authorities, the reliability of prepared customs declarations and assistance in dealing with complex customs issues gives comfort and satisfaction to companies that have trusted us. We offer clients solutions tailored to their individual needs and expectations. We offer comprehensive services related to the customs clearance process, in all procedures provided for by the Customs Code.

Comprehensive service related to the customs clearance process is based on permits held for:

  • use of general security – we have security in the admission to trading procedure, which allows us to minimize the time of handling the customs declaration by the customs services and paying customs and tax duties on behalf of our clients in order to immediately receive goods after obtaining customs clearance,
  • use of general security for the carriage of goods under the community/common transit procedure,
  • the operation of a customs warehouse, which allows for successive (partial) customs clearance of goods, so that it is not necessary to pay customs and tax duties in full for the goods entered into the customs warehouse.

We offer you the following services:

  • admission to trading,
  • export,
  • transit,
  • customs warehousing, including a corrective procedure related to the correct marking of the goods based on EU standards contained in the CE declaration of conformity,
  • securing customs and tax receivables on behalf of counterparties both under the admission to trade procedure and under the transit procedure,
  • submitting of applications and appeals which are subject to consideration by the Customs Authorities,
  • applying for permits on behalf of clients,
  • obtaining export confirmations,
  • drawing up INTRASTAT declarations,
  • the issue of certificates of origin,
  • the organization of border controls regarding consignments from third countries as required by the provisions of the code,
  • customs consultancy service.

In addition, we work not only with customs administrations but also with institutions such as:

  • WIORIN – Provincial Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Protection,
  • SANEPID – Port sanitary and epidemiological station,
  • WIJHARS – Provincial Quality Inspection of Agricultural and Food Products,
  • The Port Border Veterinarian.


The receipt of an AEO certificate (Authorized Economic Operator) confirms the highest level of professionalism and compliance of our company with all requirements, from financial credibility to flawless execution of all customs related activities.